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The 1st Artificial Intelligence World Cup 2017



The organizing committee is delighted to invite all of you to Artificial Intelligence (AI) World Cup 2017.


AI World Cup 2017 takes place on December 1, 2017, in KAIST campus located in Daejeon, Korea. This is the first world-wide competition of on-line soccer teams simulated by AI. The aim of this competition is to bring together researchers and developers of (artificial) intelligence technology from academia and industry, to prepare solutions of intelligence technology for rapidly evolving world.


Participants will be provided with a package of instructions how to use webots (on-line soccer players) and API for coding game plan. Tutorial lectures and manuals on details of the instructions are available at the official website.  All the participants are requested to join qualifying round(s) to be held in November 2017 to be qualified. Only qualified participants can advance to main round hosted in KAIST campus on December 1.  During qualifying round(s), all the participants are allowed to change their codes before kick-off of the game. Every round is a full league of 5-player soccer teams. Participants successfully advanced to the main league are invited to present their winning strategy implemented by their intelligence technology.


In addition to on-line soccer competition, AI World Cup provides extended coverage of intelligence technology during main round. AI commentator makes analyses of game plans solely based on soccer game being displayed on computer monitor. Fitness of an analysis is measured by comparison with the game plans of soccer teams, which have been analyzed. AI reporter writes a game summary report pointing out key factors that have affected the outcome of a game.

Scope of Competition

AI World Cup: Competition of on-line 5-player soccer teams

AI Commentator : Competition of AI commentators

AI Reporter: Competition of AI reporters


Important Dates

Testing round :  October 1~31, 2017

Qualifying round :   November 1~24, 2017

Official Demonstration   of AI World Cup, AI Commentator, and AI Reporter : November 2~3, 2017

Main round : December 1, 2017

Technical sponsor  College of Engineering in KAIST

Financial sponsor      Daejeon  City


Organizing committee

Prof. Jong-Hwan Kim / Chair of Organizing Committee

Prof. Sungho Jo & Prof. Hyun Myung / Co-Chairs of Operating Committee

Prof. Il-Chul Moon / Committee for System and Management

Prof. Junmo Kim/ Committee for Tutoring

Prof. Chihyung Jeon / Committee for Public Relations

Prof. Meeyoung Cha / Committee for Competition

Prof. Dongsoo Har / Committee for International Cooperation


Contact Us

For any additional queries, please email to

Albert J Ahn

Machine Intelligence and Robotics Multi-Sponsored Research and Education Platform,

Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

Tel.: +82-42-350-8877

e-mail : jhahn@rit.kaist.ac.kr