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Machine Intelligence and Robotics Multi-Sponsored Research and Education Platform;

the leader of Industries 4.0, who develops Artificial Intelligence.

Participating Companies Supporting Program

This program aims to construct a consortium that consists of large-sized corporation, mid-sized operators and small start-up companies. The purpose of the program is to encourage various domestic companies to achieve competitiveness via application and development of AI technology. Moreover, the program fosters autonomous and enduring partnership between MIR MSREP and industry partners such that active exchange of personal and material resources can be secured.

The participating companies may find solutions to their facing problems and achieve international competitiveness in their business. Moreover, the companies that have already been utilizing the existing AI technology in their business can have opportunities to secure more advanced state-of-the-art technologies through technical consulting and research collaborations.

The university will also have opportunities to learn from industry partners regarding which technologies are practically in need and get help in setting the research direction to lead the cutting-edge research. Furthermore, via financial supports from the industry partners, the university should be able to establish supreme research and education environments, from which the high-quality research results can be produced.

Various industry partners and research groups would accomplish complementary growths through macro-scale collaborations that go beyond the existing industry-university cooperation system. Furthermore, the long-lasting relationships between the companies and MIR MSREP would result in leading convergence research using AI technology.

The participating companies are also welcomed to join our enterprise-centered workshop as speakers to introduce their technologies, and they would receive technical consulting from the related technical researchers and professionals as well.

For further information about the membership and its benefits, please do not hesitate to contact us

Albert J Ahn : jhahn@rit.kaist.ac.kr