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Machine Intelligence and Robotics Multi-Sponsored Research and Education Platform;

the leader of Industries 4.0, who develops Artificial Intelligence.

Research Program

The core technology of the AI-powered Digital Companion that MIR MSREP aim to develop consists of the following two parts; 1) self-growing developmental learning technology based on the memory device and 2) hybrid intelligent learning technology that combines the symbolic learning and artificial neural network based learning to mimic the human’s thinking mechanism.

In order to realize the core technology, as shown in the following figure, MIR MSREP selected 8 core specific technology areas in which the active research and development is being carried out. More specifically, in the area of “1) memory device based developmental learning”, we are focusing on developing the integrated long-term memory system, self-guided rapid learning methods, personalized cumulative learning algorithms, and extreme learning machine technology for anomaly detection. In the area of “2) hybrid intelligent learning”, we are focusing on developing multi-modal adaptive learning technology, hybrid learning method for time-varying contexts, symbolic hybrid learning with neural networks, and inference based active data collection method.